Douglas Chapman MP | About Douglas
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About Douglas

My passion for Dunfermline


Dunfermline is a brilliant place to live, work and visit. Our rich West Fife history draws tourists from across the world to discover the home of kings and queens at Dunfermline Abbey, along with the awe-inspiring Forth Bridge – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are crammed with world-leading big businesses and creative small firms that make for a vibrant West Fife economy. Our community is one we can be proud of. I am striving to work with the many talented West Fifers to ensure we improve across education, economy, health and tourism – and make our home the best it can be.

My priorities


I am working hard to ensure Rosyth Dockyard will continue having future orders after its brilliant work creating the two new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers. Three high schools need upgrading – Inverkeithing, St Columba’s and Woodmill. My job is to continue pressing on this issue to ensure we have top-class educational facilities for future generations of West Fifers. In transport, I am leading on the need for a West Fife Rail Link, connecting West Fife with Glasgow. I am also working on helping ensure the return of a direct ferry-link to Europe from Rosyth happens. My biggest priority is helping you. My team in Dunfermline is keen to listen and offer friendly, professional advice and practical help on issues affecting your life. In this way we can make Dunfermline the best place for us all.

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